I have been extremely fortunate to know Dr. Alissa Walters Deeter for over 15 years. In this time she mentored me in various capacities and we also collaborated on different creative levels as well. The most outstanding thing about Dr. Deeter is her love of the process and the people involved. She continues to challenge herself and grow and stay current in this art form and expects the best from her students. The environment in which you learn and create with Dr. Deeter is one of critical thinking, being pushed to your limits, however you always feel safe and extremely supported. Its process over product with Dr. Deeter; the irony is when you work with her and begin to collaborate you find you really can and will achieve both.
— J. Jason Daunter, AEA Stage Manager
Working with Dr. Deeter provided a huge contribution to my vocal development. She’s incredibly thorough in her pedagogy and incredibly knowledgable. Her insight into the physicality of singing was a significant help in understanding singing as it relates to my own physiology. This strong understanding of my own voice lead me to success in my professional singing and teaching career.
— Liesl, soprano, San Francisco
Alissa Deeter pulls no punches – she’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear. She will also fight for you and will always be there for guidance and support. Her background in physiology forms the basis of her technique; she knows all the anatomy and builds your voice from there. She was a major influence on me at the beginning of my singing career and will definitely be a great help for anyone else as well, beginner or experienced.
— Joachim Luis, tenor
After spending many years working with and learning from Alissa Deeter, it is hard to pin one proficiency on her. It would be easy to say that she is the best at understanding (and communicating) how the voice works, and using that to craft a tenor voice with ease, focusing on relaxation, placement, breathing and diction among other things. I was never as strong a vocalist as when I trained constantly with her. Flawless. In the end, she really has the ability to shape your life so that you can go in whichever direction you want. Cross-over techniques from Opera to Musical Theatre.
— Luke Anthony, performer and composer
Dr. Deeter helped me discover and train an unfamiliar part of my voice that has proven extremely useful. She had new advice to offer with every lesson, and she has fantastic knowledge of genre-specific techniques such as safely belting musical theatre pieces.
— Lauren Hunkele, JImmy Awards 2015