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I am a soprano with a penchant for French mélodie as well as the treasured compositions of Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, and Weill. Although my early roots were established in training programs such as Central City Opera and The Santa Fe Opera, over the course of my career I have found my greatest satisfaction in the intimacy of the recital venue. 

I am a believer that art is a reflection of ourselves and artists must continue to affect change by promoting music as a cultural force. Art cannot exist in a vacuum, and so our charge is to bring music to the communities, to the concert halls, to the stages, to the schools--in these places, we can bring people together in a common and transcending moment of art. 

Listen to soprano Alissa Deeter, baritone Robert Peavler, and pianist Arlene Shrut perform
It Was A Lover and Her Lad by composer Timothy Hoekman.


Hier: Mélodies of Francis Poulenc
Alissa Deeter, soprano
Arlene Shrut, piano

"She knows the art of allowing the music to breathe and letting the texts speak for themselves."

-- American Record Guide



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I have been a voice teacher for over twenty years, holding various academic positions across the country as well as maintaining a private studio. Additionally, I am the vocal program coordinator for the Broadway By The Bay's summer Theatre Academy in Redwood City, CA. My students have performed all over the world, including AIMS in Graz, SongFest, the Kennedy Center, The Jimmy Awards, Natchez Festival of Music, Bronx Opera, Tri-Cities Opera, Opera Carolina, Children's Theatre Charlotte, San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony Chorus, San Jose Opera, San Diego Opera, Disney World, Windy City Opera, Waffle Opera, Ray of Light Theater, Broadway by the Bay, Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville, and off- and on-Broadway. 

I work with students at all stages of development. In addition to vocal technique, instruction includes diction, song selection and interpretation, audition skills, and professional etiquette. 

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Research is where I hone my teaching--here I continue to develop my skills, update my methodologies, and stay in step with current performance practices. As a person who advocates for life-long learning, being a role model in scholarship and study is as important as being a dependable voice teacher. My work continues to morph as my topics of interest change, and I am excited to see where the next project takes me!

Recent Projects


Poulenc, F. (2018) Hier: Mélodies of Francis Poulenc. [Recorded by Deeter, A., & Shrut, A.], [CD: Centaur Records-CRC3577]. Baton Rouge, LA: Centaur Records.

Hoekman, T. (2012) “There Was a Lover and Her Lad.” [Recorded by Peavler, R., Shrut, A., & Deeter, A.] On From the Heartland [CD: Albany Records-TR1349]. Albany, NY: Albany Records.


Deeter, A., (in progress) New English translation, A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms.

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